When it comes to your invitations, timing is everything! Well, maybe not everything, but it is important.
I am so often asked when invitations, or Save the Dates should be sent out.
Below is little guide for when to send what!

SAVE THE DATES - Once you have decided on a date, and a venue, the next thing to do is send out a Save the Date card, to let all your amazing guests know when you are getting married - so they can save the date for you. Save the Dates are especially important if you are having a wedding somewhere away from home, or asking friends that live far away - as they will need to organise travel and accommodation.

So it is always a good idea to send them out as early as you can. Just so your gusts can get organised. If you don't have time for Save the Dates, don't stress. The invitations will give your gusts all the information they need!

INVITATIONS - Generally, I advise that the bride and groom send out their invitations 2 months before the big day!
That allows one month for the invitations to arrive, and for the guests to get themselves organised and RSVP. Because the most important date (besides your Wedding day) is the RSVP date. This should be one month before the wedding. There are always exceptions to the rule - especially if you want a bit more time to know who can come (in case there is a second list you might like to invite). But generally speaking, the RSVP date is around a month before your wedding - so you have time to chase up anyone who forgot to reply, or didn't get their invitations. Or invite that cousin you never see but feel obliged to invite!
You need the RSVP numbers to finalise all the bits and pieces for the day, organise place cards, seating plans etc.

THANK YOU CARDS - There isn't any strict timing for sending Thank You cards. Mainly because you need to wait until you get home from your honeymoon/ receive (and open) the gifts from the registry/ get your photos back from the photographer. This can take days or weeks or months.
But the big rule is to write a log of who gives you what gift! So you can personalise their message.
It is often really nice to include a photo of the bride and groom, as well as the guest you are thanking!